Snackshot: Tossed

This week's snappy Snackshot comes to us courtesy of Gary R. Wise and a recent Caesar salad-making class hosted by Carla Cardini herself, the original Caesar Cardini's great-grand-niece.

​From the photographer's descrption:

"Carla Cardini held a Caesar salad class for Houston Chowhounds at the very hospitable Culinaire Catering Aug 24th 2009.

Carla is the granddaughter of Alex Cardini, brother of Caesar, after whom the salad is named. However, it was invented to give local pilots something to munch on while drinking, hence its original name, 'The Aviator Salad.'"

The description continues:

"Created during the 1920's, the original salad used whole lettuce leaves, as it was meant to be eaten by hand. Dressed with the best salad oil available in 1920's Tijuana, a one-minute egg was added, the yolk splashed with salsa inglesa (Worcestershire) and lime juice.

Then the leaves were 'rolled' over one another and your favorite parmesan added.

The only anchovy present was puréed onto a simple crouton. Oil was previously infused with chopped garlic.

The Snow's brisket was brought by organizer Fulmer during the previous week's Texas BBQ Tour

Make food you enjoy. Everything else is commentary."

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Katharine Shilcutt