Sneeze Green Tea

It's mid-afternoon.  You had a heavy lunch.  The work day is sliding by like thick molasses in winter.  You're dragging ass, big time.  So you decide to pop open a cold, refreshing can of iced organic green tea to rescuscitate yourself from the afternoon doldrums.

And if you're anything like this guy, you get a special surprise in your green tea that really perks up your afternoon.

Warning: The image below is not for the faint of heart.


While a little snot in your stewed okra is a good thing, it's generally not preferred in your iced beverages.

According to the photographer, who works in a local grocery store, this isn't the first time he's gotten an added bonus in his Steaz iced tea:

"...this is the second can I've had in a couple of weeks that is bad. You know by the smell immediately that it's bad. It's a horrible metallic smell and today while pouring it into a covered cup, this goop plopped out."

A call and email to the Steaz company have gone unanswered as of yet.  But perhaps it's organic mucus -- the viscous, snot-like yet wholesome strains of "blueberry pomegranate acai" -- and then won't we feel dumb?

UPDATE:  T-shirts!  Undissolved lemon juice concentrate!  Product recalls!  Read the update on the story here.

---Katharine Shilcutt

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