Snowy Salad Days: My Organic Lettuce Patch

The seeds for these salad greens were planted on November 19 in this raised bed garden in my backyard. The greens were ready to harvest in 90 days, although I gave them a little longer. Last night I clipped the first full-grown leaves from four varieties. I served them with sliced radishes in a very light mustard vinaigrette. Talk about a fresh-tasting salad.

The "red salad bowl" and "tango" greens are still underdeveloped. So is the chicory. The heartiest varieties proved to be, from left to right, curly mustard, purple mizuna, and wild arugula. I have also cut a batch of chard, and I am almost ready to cut some snap pea shoots.

The sticks and wire cage you see are for the tomato plants that I stuck into the middle of the lettuce patch in hopes of an early harvest. Perhaps I jumped the gun. The "annual tomato crapshoot" I wrote about last week is about to begin. Will the snow and ice forecast for today wipe out my massive investment in tomato plants?

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