Sonoran Hot Dogs Invade Houston

The new Sonoran hot dogs at James Coney Island may not rival the ones in Tucson, but they are pretty damn good. Two Sonoran dogs, fries and a drink go for $7.99, and a one-dog combo goes for $5.99. The JCI version of the famous Mexican perro caliente features an all-beef wiener wrapped with top quality bacon and served in a bun with whole pinto beans underneath and diced onions and tomatoes over top. Then there's mustard and squiggles of chipotle mayo and avocado sauce. The Tuscon version usually comes with a generous amount of avocado or guac and is squiggled with a spicy jalapeño sauce.

The streets of Tucson are home to over 100 "hotdogueros," as Sonoran hot dog vendors are known there. Each boasts his or her own unique twist on the Mexican hot dog. Secret jalapeño sauce recipes boasting several varieties of chiles abound. No one knows when or where the original Mexican-style hot dog was invented. But some think its origins actually lie in an Oscar Meyer print advertisement from the 1950s promoting bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

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