JD Woodward, formerly of Plonk! Bistro and Goro & Gun, has signed on for Southern Goods.
JD Woodward, formerly of Plonk! Bistro and Goro & Gun, has signed on for Southern Goods.
Photo by Mai Pham

Southern Goods Dream Team Evolves With Latest Chef Addition

A few weeks ago, chef Lyle Bento and and Charles Bishop of Southern Goods made the surprising announcement that they had added well-regarded barbecue specialist Patrick Feges to their team. (Feges was previously at Killen's Barbecue.)

Today comes another piece of good news for the forthcoming restaurant. Chef JD Woodward, formerly the executive chef of Goro & Gun, has been named chef de cuisine. Ever since Goro & Gun closed last year, Woodward's food, like his roasted, fish-sauce-laden "Hustle Sprouts" and Peking-style roasted duck with moo shu (Mandarin-style pancakes), has been sorely missed. We'd expect to see Southern food from him this time around, of course, but Brussels sprouts can be Southern, right?

Woodward and Bento have a whole lot of history. They've worked together at several establishments, including Underbelly, Rainbow Lodge and the defunct Stella Sola. While there's no telling if we'll see any Goro & Gun homages, what we will see are Woodward's own brand of adventurous pickles from Guerrilla Canning Company. He pickles cucumbers, radishes and quail eggs, among other things.

In a press release, Bento says, "I can't wait for the crew to get together again to do what we love and create new dishes with a Southern comfort twist." We're excited by this dream team, too.

Southern Goods is expected to open in the beginning of May at 623 West 19th in The Heights.

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