Spec’s Hosts Ladies-Only Beer Event Tonight

Today, Spec’s downtown superstore, 2410 Smith, in conjunction with Green Flash Brewing Company is hosting a beer event from 7 to 8:30 p.m. That’s not unusual. The unique aspect of this event is that it is only for women. That’s right: no boys allowed, except perhaps for Joey, the beer manager who has organized the event in conjunction with Girl's Pint Out. We’ll let him stay.

RSVP as soon as possible to [email protected]. There are still some spots available. Tickets are $30 and benefit the Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC).

The event is representative of the growing recognition that women are an important market for the industry. A study released at the end of 2014 indicated that women represent 37% of craft beer drinkers.

Lady beer drinkers are finding acceptance to be slow going, though. They’re targeted by sexism, both the stupid and well-meaning kind. (This “10 Best Beers For Women” list started out good until she got to the Corona.)

Women beer drinkers seem to kerfuddle even folks who want to sell beer to them, who assume that women want “lighter tastes” and “sweet, fruity beers.” It’s the opposite side of the same ridiculous notion that men don’t like rosé or white wine and shouldn’t wear pink shirts.

These are the same people who are upset over Target removing gender stereotyping from its toy aisle signage. Remember, beer is not consumed with your genitalia. If that's how you're doing it, you've been using the wrong organ this whole time. Either that, or you should find an agent. 

Even men—the husbands, buddies and lovers of women who drink beer—have stepped forward to call BS on that idea that a lady can’t enjoy stouts or hoppy IPAs.

As Metropolitan Brewing’s female brewer Tracy Hurst once said:

Please do stop trying to identify what a person will drink based on their genitals. Unless a drinking vessel requires the *actual use* of a woman’s delicate flower or a man’s joystick, please just stop. Just. Stop.

– Signed, the broad who owns a brewery and drinks whatever the hell she wants.

So, ladies, go enjoy some wonderful Green Flash beer for a charitable cause this evening. Or, go somewhere and have some rosé if you really don't like beer. We won’t judge.

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Phaedra Cook
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