Spotlight On: Deep Ginger Garlic Paste

We recently spotted Deep Ginger Garlic Paste at Fiesta for $3.50. Despite the fact that it was obviously geared toward Indian food, we still though this would be the perfect stir-fry seasoning base. Sometimes we crave a simple stir-fry but are just too lazy to chop garlic and peel ginger (don't judge!). There weren't a ton of preservatives in the product, so we decided to give it a go.

Unlike jars of pre-minced garlic, which tend to be mild and not very strong-smelling, this package smelled pungent when we opened it. When used in a stir-fry, it melted into the ingredients. We actually doubted we'd put enough in the dish. However, when everything was cooked, it ended up being more than enough.

In the end, this probably wasn't the best idea for a stir-fry. The dish came out much more gingery than garlicky than we like. But it wasn't the end of the world. We'd probably actually use it again, but supplement it with fresh cloves of garlic.

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