Star Snow Ice and Teriyaki Part 1: Savory

Star Snow Ice (the Teriyaki is silent) on Bellaire and Beltway 8 is a popular destination of Taiwanese nationals living in Houston, and for good reason. Walking into this place feels like walking into Taipei, with Asian businessmen standing in line next to private school students and young adults who work for cell phone companies. And almost everyone is slurping down beef noodle soup.

The menu, with its wacky English translations, is a little confusing for the non-Mandarin-reading Houstonian. But we recommend everything on it. The quality of the food is amazing. The beef noodle soup is a great way to spend five bucks; it yields a minimum of two bowls of great flat noodles, tender brisket, bok choy and beef stock. This alone could fill two guests' bellies, but we opted for an appetizer of spicy fried squid strips too and did not regret our decision. Some of the spicy squid strips were mild pepper squid, while others were blazingly spicy. Gotta love Taiwanese chefs. This Taiwanese street food puts Taiwan and Star Snow Ice on our top 10 list of bargain lunch spots.

Besides all this savory goodness, of course, the place also serves snow ice. Stay tuned for our sweet experiences at this wonderful restaurant.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.