Stiff Mussel

Feeling limp? Then perhaps the almejas a la Viagra ($4.25 for six mussels) at Sabor! (5712 Bellaire Boulevard, 713-667-6001) are just the thing to stimulate your taste buds. The whimsical name of this dish at this new Central American restaurant is certainly eye-catching. This house-specialty ceviche is made from finely chopped green mussels, along with onions, tomatoes and cilantro, drenched in lime juice. It's served in a mussel shell that also acts as an eating utensil. The lime juice hitting your tongue, mixed with the flavor of seafood and cilantro, makes for an arousing eating experience indeed. As for the dish's aphrodisiacal properties, we'll let you judge those for yourself.
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Paul Galvani