Stirred and Shaken

The score is tied with a few minutes remaining, and all eyes are on the TV at Ernie's on Banks [1010 Banks, (713)526-4566]. It's a great neighborhood sports bar with picture windows on a little park and a couple of pool tables -- as good a place as any to watch the Rockets lose another close one. The bar was once known for introducing Pimm's to Houston, my girlfriend says, so I ask the bartender for a Pimm's Cup.

Ernie's on Banks' Pimm's Cup: Pimm's is a British liqueur made from a blend of herbs, spices and flavorings - sort of a mild version of bitters. According to the text on the back of the bottle, the recipe is known to only six people. Pimm's and soda is usually served with a cucumber garnish. The Pimm's Cup is made with 7UP or ginger ale and garnished with citrus.

3 or 4 shots Pimm's
7UP or ginger ale
Slice of lime
Slice of orange

Take a tall glass filled with ice and pour in Pimm's to one-third full. Add 7UP or ginger ale to top off the glass. Garnish with the lime and orange slices. Makes one.

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