Stirred and Shaken: Christian's Tailgate Lunch Box

Friday night is karaoke night at Christian's Tailgate (2000 Bagby, 713-527-0261), which can only mean one thing: drunken idiots. To stand up and belt it out in front of a room full of people, most of us need to be seriously soused. Spectators, in order to endure the aural assault, must also be sufficiently desensitized. In the other corner stands the bartender. In addition to being adept at tuning out the interminable racket, these paragons of patience must get very good at lubricating the singing and non-singing masses.

So consider Marcus at Christian's. Now here's a guy who obviously knows what's up. When I ask if he has any recommendations for quick pain relief, he quickly volunteers three different shots of varying potencies, including the Lunch Box. He doesn't complain when the shitfaced Neil Diamond wannabes order 13 Jaeger bombs and then massacre "Sweet Caroline." He just puts on his hard hat, punches the clock and goes to work like a true pro. Tip this man.

¼ pint beer

¼ pint orange juice

2 ounces Disaronno Amaretto liqueur

Fill pint glass with beer and OJ. Drop shot glass full of amaretto into pint glass. But why wait until lunch? Enjoy any time of day.

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