Stirred and Shaken: Lola's Georgia Peach

Houston isn't my hometown, but I've lived here for 10 years now. And yet, horror of horrors, until recently I'd never been to Lola's Depot (2327 Grant St., 713-528-8342). Hey, jerks! I can see you all shaking your heads. Gimme a break. It's not like the place is real easy to find or anything. There's not even a sign. But I will concede that its subtlety is its charm. According to the clock above the cash register, Lola's is the Home of Reality. It's also the home of all-day happy hour, including $1.75 Lone Stars, on Tuesdays. The world needs more of this kind of reality.

Lola's opened in '82, and it has been home to bartenders Kenny, Danny and Jaime for a combined 50 years. Like any great dive bar, it's home to exposed duct-work, black walls, some scary-ass artwork and a stuffed baboon. It's home to Kenny's "travel wall" - a repository for postcards sent "home" to Lola's from all over the world, even some place called "Alaska." I asked Jaime to mix a shot for me, and we took a Georgia Peach together. Then I remembered I had some veerrryy important bidness in the A.M., so I had one more Lone Star and headed to my humble abode, home of your mild-mannered drinks reporter....until now. That's right: Someone else will be taking over this column. So until next time, W.H., out.

2 ounces Crown Royal whiskey 1 ounce peach schnapps liqueur Splash of pineapple juice

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass. Lola's is "cash only," and "some wines may contain sulfites."

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