Stirred and Shaken: Orange's Orange Kaipiriña

The World Cup is inspiring because it focuses global consciousness in a way usually reserved for natural disasters and war. It's also inspiring because it often takes place several time zones away and therefore makes it all right for those of us who aren't nurses, cops or night-shift factory workers to spend a morning at the bar.

At Orange (1613 Richmond, 713-528-4920), a classy sort of sports bar the Maria Selma people opened only a couple of weeks ago, owner René says they'll show every game, ready to accommodate fans with breakfast and booze as early as 7 a.m. If you don't consider the best part of waking up to be a shot and a beer, try the Orange Kaipiriña, a very loose interpretation of the Brazilian caipirinha. It tastes a little like a refined Creamsicle, if a Creamsicle had the power to make you charming. The drink would be a nice accompaniment to watching the U.S. play England, Slovenia and Algeria (and others in later rounds, I hope) on any of the dozen or so televisions that hang from the roof like big rectangular bats. The games begin June 11 — start thinking of excuses to give your boss now.

1¼ ounces Malibu Caribbean Rum


½ ounce triple sec

Juice of one orange

Splash sweet and sour

Shake ingredients over ice. Serve on the rocks in a highball glass rimmed with sugar. Garnish with an orange slice. Just call it angel of the morning.

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