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Stirred and Shaken: The Ginger Man Pub's Scottish Schwinn

The Ginger Man Pub (5607 Morningside Dr., 713-526-2770) is the misfit at the frat party that is the southeastern corner of Rice Village. Its bigger neighbors, two of which also feature "pub" in their names, make The Ginger Man seem so precious in comparison that I'm forced to pinch my arm reasonably hard as punishment for using the word "precious." It's a tempting adjective when you're describing a place with bathrooms that make you feel like you're peeing in a wooden submarine. The garden area out back is roomier; I spent a weeknight there trying a couple of The Ginger Man's blended beers.

These are layered variations of the unfortunately named Black and Tan (a liquid stack of one pale and one dark beer; see also, an English quasi-police force that terrorized Ireland just after World War I). My winner (for taste and name) was the Scottish Schwinn, which features a layer of creamy Belhaven over a layer of Fat Tire. There are a few other blended selections, or you can consult the bartender about making up your own recipe using Ginger Man's substantial beer and cider selection.

½ pint Belhaven Scottish Ale

½ pint Fat Tire Amber Ale

Pour half a pint of Fat Tire in a pint glass. Hold a soup spoon upside down over the glass and slowly pour Belhaven over the top.

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Glenn Livet