Stoned Glory Cornbread

Stoned Glory Cornbread

Katharine Shilcutt came over for brunch the other day and I put her to work in the kitchen cooking her famous "perfect cornbread." She keeps the recipe on her iPhone. I handed her a sack of Lamb's Stone Ground Cornmeal, but I failed to impress her. "That's the kind I always use," she told me.

Lamb's is made in Converse, Texas. on a grist mill built by Louise Lamb in the 1960s. Lamb's uses stone burr mills to create yellow and white cornmeals that have a wonderful old-fashioned coarseness.

Most of the cornmeal made in the United States is steel-ground from corn with its husk and germ removed. Stone-ground cornmeal is not only coarser, it also includes the husk and germ. This kind of cornmeal has more flavor and nutritional value, but it spoils faster. Lamb's recommends you keep its cornmeal in the refrigerator.

Try Katharine's perfect cornbread recipe with Lamb's cornmeal and Glory brand creamed corn.


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