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Summer Eats: Double Scoop at Fat Cat Creamery

If you haven't yet tried Fat Cat Creamery, you'll want to immediately.

Where some parlors have vanilla and chocolate swirl, the small-batch ice cream shop has pure Mexican vanilla and Milk Chocolate Stout. Where some shops have glugs of premade chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles, Fat Cat has fresh strawberry jam and house-candied cherries.

Other options include the "whirled cup" ice cream made with swirls of chocolate and chunks of peanut butter cup; a dreamy salted butter caramel; and the soothing green tea.

Then there's the two scoops of the classics (vanilla and chocolate) in a cone and topped with salted almond brittle. Salty, sweet, buttery, and nutty, the candied nuts added the perfect crunch against the silky smooth cream and crisp, chewy cone.

Made in-house daily with brown butter and brown sugar, the waffle cones at Fat Cat Creamery are rich with hints of toffee. They could almost pass for a cookie; chewy, yet thick and crisp enough to hold in the giant scoops of ice cream.

While the Mexican vanilla -- packed with pure vanilla bean flavor and not overtly sweet -- was great; it was the creamier chocolate stout that offered more. A hoppy punch of dark stout beer is present at first bite (or lick, if you're not using a spoon). As is the taste of rich, sweet and malty milk chocolate. Neither flavor outshined the other.

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