Sundae Sundays: Marble Slab Creamery, Part Two

Although I haven't yet tried all the ice cream shops in Houston during my Sundae Sunday adventures, I decided Marble Slab Creamery deserved a premature repeat visit when I saw an advertisement for the new Double Toffee Sundae. Crushed chocolate-covered toffee is my crack cocaine; it was my one off-theme addition to my Yogurtland Cookie Madness sundae.

Also, I had seen Of Gods and Men earlier that day at the River Oaks Theatre and needed a little pick-me-up after seeing those cute old French monks being beat up by terrorists.

My Double Toffee Sundae was smaller and messier than the sundae pictured in the advertisement. Also, there was no toffee ice cream, so I asked for vanilla when I probably should have requested something flavored like praline. Now, I was doomed to a Single Toffee Sundae.

Another problem was the ice cream technician. After plopping a scoop and half into my cup, he dropped in a few chocolate chips and added a slightly more generous dusting of toffee bits. Then he grabbed a plastic container of Hershey's caramel topping out of the fridge (no heated butterscotch for me), swirled about a teaspoon onto the sundae, and topped the whole thing with some Reddi-whip [insert fart noises which I hope came from the can]. "How 'bout a cherry?" he said, rather sleepily. "Why not?" I replied.

It's hard for me not to enjoy something that features toffee, so I can't say I totally hated this sundae. But it certainly failed to meet expectations, which were perhaps inflated by the gussied-up advertised model. I was looking to be overwhelmed by toffee and chocolate to the point of crying uncle. Maybe for an addict like me, that's near impossible...

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Joanna O'Leary