Sundae Sundays: Yogurtland

Must a sundae by definition contain ice cream? Um, probably yes. But this Sunday I made an exception for a creation I made at Yogurtland.

I was simultaneously craving soft-serve ice cream and sundaes, but a bout of laziness prevented me from seeking out a place that would satisfy both desires. So I settled on frozen yogurt, which, I figured, would be made richer with toppings. I usually favor fruit toppings when I make a fro-yo run, since I'm probably trying to eat something light in the first place, but this Sunday I decided to pull out all the stops.

Now, I believe that every good sundae should embody a certain type (e.g., hot fudge) or theme (grasshopper) that ties together its components. The absence of either of these means you've got nothing more than an incoherent mess of cream and toppings.

The theme of my sundae: Cookie Madness, inspired by my favorite blue Sesame character and the thousand-odd Girl Scouts soliciting outside of Randall's.

Vanilla Wafer and Double Cookies n' Cream were my yogurt flavors, and for toppings, I selected crushed Tagalongs, frosted animal cookies, chocolate, caramel and a dusting of heath bar. (Okay, so that last topping strayed a bit from the theme, but it was too tempting to pass up.)

I loved the combination of crunchy, crumbly and liquid toppings: the Ghirardelli caramel was especially good, as were the pink and white animal cookies, which brought me back to snack time in first grade. But the yogurt base was flat in flavor. Such was the punishment for my laziness; next time, I'll work a bit harder for a more authentic sundae and find real soft-serve ice cream.

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Joanna O'Leary