Sunday Whole Foods Market?

Normally on the weekends, you can find me, bottomless mimosa in hand, at one of the many awesome brunch spots around town. But this typically leads to a couple of buckets of beer...which lead to a few outdoor games of bags...which lead to someone losing a bet...leading to a stripped-down afternoon jog around Little Woodrow's...and a few more buckets of beer...followed by a late-night trip to Benihana (a true account of my life).

Sometimes, though, you just need a day to "get your business done." And when I need to do that, I start my day off at my go-to gettin'-it-done spot, Whole Foods Market. I can enjoy a blissful outdoor brunch, food-shop for the week, and get on with mah business. Its kick-ass coffee bar, killer breakfast burritos and lovely, fresh baked goods keep me coming back for more.

Let us start with the coffee. Have you ever tried a Toddy brew? If not, get your quenched ass over to a WFM stat and give this a try. Toddy coffee is created using a cold-brewed method, in which the grounds are steeped in room-temperature water for a longer period of time than a hot brewed coffee. Since heat breaks down the oils in coffee beans, causing bitterness, a Toddy brewed coffee has a less acidic, slightly sweeter, and smoother coffee flavor. And Whole Foods does a grand job with their delicious Iced Toddy Brew. I take a medium one of those and add a splash of half & half.

It seems the perfect way to start my day on its own...until I see the Breakfast Taco & Burrito Bar. Depending on my appetite, I'll get a ginormous burrito or go for a smaller, more manageable breakfast taco. But since I can't stuff as much as I'd like to in the tacos, the burrito usually takes it (whatever, I can finish it later cold). I choose between a whole wheat, spinach, plain or sun-dried tomato wrap while eying the fillings: choices of eggs, beans, veggies, cheeses, and meats. And then the toppings: fresh salsas, guacamole, and sour cream.

I usually go for the scrambled eggs, chopped red onion, pico de gallo, black beans, hunks of queso fresco, and crumbled bacon. Then, and this is top-secret information here, I have them add in some fresh spinach leaves (hint: if they don't have them at the bar, ask and they'll get some for you from the salad bar - or just walk your lazy ass over to the salad bar yourself and bring it to the person that is so kindly building you this amazingly delicious burrito).

I prefer my salsas and sour cream on the side so I can custom build each bite, but feel free to slop the freshly made toppings right in. The tomato salsa is banging, sweet and garlicky with a kick of heat from the minced serrano peppers. But the roasted tomatillo takes the cake, perfectly balanced with hints of jalapeno and fresh lime. Loves it!

If instead I want something sweet, I hit up their freshly baked goods for one of their wonderful croissants, muffins or danishes. My personal favorite are the moist chocolate-filled croissant and sweet, flaky cheese danish.

Happy and full, I am ready to go and get my business done (but this is most likely after I take another quick walk around the store to sample a few cheeses, some hummus, fresh mango and a crisp chardonnay).

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