Taco Truck Gourmet: Arcelia Taco Bus

The barbacoa taco from the Arcelia taco bus is truly amazing. It consists of two lightly fried tortillas and lots of barbacoa meat, plus soft-cooked onions, salsa and a lime wedge. The barbacoa is moist and tasty too, not crusted over like the stuff at Pancho's carniceria down the street. Even more amazing is the fact that they can sell tacos like this for 99¢. I visited Arcelia after a comment from Ricardo Tubbs on my post about the machacado con huevo at La Plaza on Long Point and Bingle.

Tubbs recommended I go back to La Plaza for the fajitas. He also wrote that there was another truck I hadn't written about, Tacos Arcelia at Blalock and Long Point, that makes El Ultimo "look like garbage."

While I am astonished by the cheap prices and oversized tacos at Tacos Arcelia, I am not signing up for the idea that these make the tacos at El Ultimo Taqueria on Long Point at Antoine "look like garbage." It's manzanas and naranjas, if you ask me. Arcelia has a very limited menu. There are only six items: fajita, tripa, barbacoa, lengua, al pastor and chicharron. I can't get anyone at my house to eat tripas, lengua or chicharron (unless they are the big meaty ones). So that leaves me with three items to choose from.

Meanwhile, down the street at El Ultimo, you get choices galore. My favorite things to eat there are the outstanding breakfast tacos. Last time I got them, they had huevos with your choice of bacon, ham, potatoes, nopalitos, machacado (shredded beef), chorizo or roasted peppers on a corn or flour tortilla. The flour tortillas were handmade, and the chorizo was exceptional.

Thanks for the recommendation, Ricardo. I am always looking to expand my taco truck choices.

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