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Taco Truck Gourmet: Eating with Edge

Noted food writer and Southern Foodways Alliance founder John T. Edge was in town this week researching a new book about street food. Edge already knows his way around Houston pretty well after putting on a Potlikker Film Festival event at the Saint Arnold Brewery a couple of summers ago. Edge hired the Jarro Café taco truck to cater that event. We stopped by again on Monday and sampled the steak tacos.

The photos for Edge's new book are being provided by Atlanta food stylist and photographer Angie Mosier. I traveled around with the pair on Monday pointing out some of my favorite taco trucks and trying some I hadn't visited before. (Look for more posts about some of the new trucks I tried soon.)

Angie Mosier is a former bakery owner who got interested in food styling after working on a lot of photo shoots featuring her elaborate wedding cakes in national magazines. After years of food styling work for photographers, she started shooting food photos herself. She is currently working on a book with celebrity chef Eric Ripert as well as John T. Edge's street food cookbook. Angie has a standing invitation to come over to my house and bake something.

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