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Taco Truck Gourmet: Taconazo

The menu is short at Taqueria El Taconazo, Veracruz. There are fajita tacos, barbacoa tacos, and lengua tacos. I asked the taquero, whose name is Lalo, for a fajita taco, and I got one of the best grilled beef tacos I've had in months -- two corn tortillas, nicely crisped, lots of tender meat, freshly cut garnishes and two varieties of salsa with a lime wedge for good measure.

Some taco truck enthusiasts insist that Taconazo is the best taco truck in town. It is actually a permanent operation consisting of two taco trucks parked side by side, locked up behind an iron fence. One truck serves as a prep kitchen, and the other as the retail outlet.

I'd been looking for this taco truck for months before I found it. The directions I was given, "Behind the tire store near the Fiesta at Patton and Fulton," proved frustrating. Do you have any idea how many tire stores are located around this intersection? I finally found it behind the Latino Tire Center, a blue building at the corner of Fulton and Irene.

Laredo Taqueria's charming Patton location and Gerardo's, my favorite weekend barbacoa stop, are both in this neighborhood close to the Heights. Maybe they should change the Patton exit sign on I-45 to Taco Exit?

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Robb Walsh
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