Taco Truck Secrets

I stopped at the Fast Taco truck on Fondren just north of Bellaire to get a pork taco the other day. While I was looking in the window watching the proprietor cook, I noticed a pan on a hot plate full of something that looked interesting. "What's that?" I asked the taquero, pointing at it through the window.

"That's not for sale, that's my breakfast," he said.

"So what is it?" I wondered.

"Just leftover red and green salsa mixed together with stale tortillas," he said dismissively.

"Chilaquiles," I said. "You are saving the good stuff for yourself."

"Actually, my mother made the chilaquiles," he said grinning at his mom, who was helping him inside the truck. She took pity on me and passed me a plate of her homemade chilaquiles topped with Mexican white cheese. The salsa and tortilla mixture was extremely picante, but I ate some anyway. The pork taco wasn't bad either.

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