All photos by Robb Walsh
Taqueria Torres, 4400 Caroline

Taco War on Caroline

Gooey cheese and lots of spicy pork made for an outstanding quesadilla al pastor at Taqueria Torres. It clearly outclassed the one we tried from Jesse's Taqueria, right across the street. We weren't nearly as impressed with the Torres hamburguesa estilo Mexico, even though we liked the fact that it had avocado and a slice of ham on it. The burger patty was just too skinny for our tastes. Extra points for the Mexican cokes and great artwork.

Gooey cheese and spicy pastor quesadilla, $2
Hamburguesa estilo Mexico, $3.50

Jesse's Taqueria excelled in the chicken taco genre. And they had a copy machine too, in case you needed to duplicate some documents while you ate lunch. We also liked the dancing man air blower advertising and the Virgin Mary painting at Jesse's.

These two taco trucks compete for your business right across the street from each other behind the Mexican Consulate on the 4400 block of Caroline. When a taco war breaks out, the man in the street can't lose. -- Robb Walsh

Tacos, $1.50 each
Jesse's, 4400 Caroline

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