Photos by Robb Walsh
Maria hands over a taco al pastor and a taco asado, $2 each.

Tacos y Mujeres

I pulled into the parking lot of Mi Ranchito, a night club at 13502 Almeda, at around 8 pm on a Saturday night to sample the tacos at a brightly lit truck in the parking lot called Tacos Guanajuatenses (tacos by people from Guanajuato).

The carne asado taco was made with thin slices of charcoal-grilled beef with plenty of char. They were slightly chewy but otherwise excellent. The marinated pork in the tacos al pastor was particularly tangy. There wasn't much else to choose from, but those two tacos were outstanding. An orange-flavored Jarritos was the perfect complement.

While I was standing there, a well-lit patron stumbled out of the front door of Mi Ranchito and ordered a taco. There is a sign by the door that says "Mujeres! Mujeres! Mujeres!" I asked him what went on inside. He offered a particularly succinct summary of a taxi dance bar.

The truck caters to late night revelers outside Mi Ranchito at 13502 Almeda

"You go in there with $200 in your wallet and you meet all these 23- and 24-year-old girls, and then you come out broke," he said in Spanish. Luckily, he saved enough to buy a taco. —

Robb Walsh

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