Tailgating Turkey

I have gnawed on many a turkey leg in my day, and the results are usually disappointing. To me, they always seem like a much better in theory than practice. I always dream of it being juicy and tender, but alas, I am stuck sucking on a dry bone. Um, please scratch that last part.

So when I was offered one at a Texans tailgate on Sunday, I was kind of excited to be able to eat something other than the usual sausage or burger fare. I was still skeptical, though. This one was cooked up by retired Silver Eagle Distributing sales manager Bob Toney (affectionately known as Dr. Bob), who is not a professional caterer, just a dude who likes to barbecue. Well, he should open up shop.

It was not only the best smoked turkey leg I have ever tasted, but one of the best smoked meats I have ever had. The meat was super, over-the-top moist and was almost falling apart. A really nice smoke flavor permeated the leg, but not enough to make it nauseating.

When I was finished I had to go shake his hand (after washing mine, since the leg was pretty messy) and find out how he prepared them. He said he wrapped the legs in foil, stuck them on the smoker for three hours at 200 degrees... and that was it. It was oh, so simple and comforting after that disaster of a Texans performance against the Giants.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.