Steak & Curry Fries Tuesday Special
Steak & Curry Fries Tuesday Special
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

Takeout Trials: $16 Steak & Curry Fries on Tuesday at Ambrosia

After my first visit to Ambrosia, I stated that despite the good food (particularly, the curry wedges) I wouldn't return anytime soon unless they lowered their prices or started a happy.

In the 18 months since this initial visit, Ambrosia has not only added a "reverse" as well as a regular happy hour, but also introduced a Tuesday night special where for $16 you you get a steak and curry fries (aka wedges). Having enjoyed this special in-house, I was curious as to whether Ambrosia would honor a request for two orders for takeaway as most restaurants that serve steak specials do not. This restriction is reasonable given the point of the food deal from the restaurant's perspective is to entice customers to dine in and buy additional food and drinks to make up the difference.

What a lovely surprise it was when Ambrosia not only agreed to package two steak specials to-go but did so in a bang-up fashion.

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Here are the highlights of my takeaway steak & curry fries special experience at Ambrosia:

  • Hostess took it in stride that I arrived 15 minutes early to pick up my food, offered me a seat at the bar and a glass of water. Bartender greeted me immediately and repeated offer of water or a drink. Takeout order emerged 5 minutes later.
  • Steaks, fries, and curry sauce were carefully packaged in separate containers as to prevent excessive co-mingling en route to my house and, most importantly, protect the fries from becoming soggy under the curry.
  • Hostess charmingly walked me out of the restaurant and held the door for me.
  • Food was still hot when I arrived home and steaks were cooked to order, specifically, one clearly medium-rare and one rare. Special props to Ambrosia for delivering a truly rare steak, difficult to find in Houston outside the major steakhouses.

Quality inevitably declines somewhat in a takeout order, which is the fault of the customer, not the restaurant, for demanding food out of its original geographical context. However, whatever degeneration occurred between Ambrosia and my house was completely undetectable in the generously portioned tender ribeye seasoned with szechuan spices. The curry wedges/fries were still crispy and plump with potato and the accompanying rich yellow chicken curry.

Bam!, as a certain Chef would say. Well done, Ambrosia.

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