Taqueria Huetamo II

On a random weekday around lunchtime we stumbled upon Taqueria Huetamo II (210 Aldine Bender Rd). With only a simple black awning with the name Taqueria Huetamo II in white letters, this place is the poster child for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

It was clean, simple and almost empty. We were one of three small groups eating lunch, and only one more group arrived while we were eating. The friendly waitress immediately brought us each our own bowl of homemade salsa and fresh chips. This was a good sign.

Having skipped breakfast, my stomach begged for tacos. We ordered a gordita with meat and tacos al carbon with fajita beef. Within ten minutes, we had our lunch. The tacos were filled with tender fajita beef, onions and tomatoes, while refried beans, beef and melted white cheese filled the gordita's thick corn tortillas. This was a perfect cure for my growling stomach. I was actually sad that I did not come out here more often to eat.

Taqueria Huetamo II is a no-frills Mexican restaurant with good, classic food. It won't make you want to take a nap under your desk after lunch, either. Just don't ask me where Taqueria Huetamo I is.

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