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Eat My Words: This week Texas Monthly wine writer Jessica Dupuy gives a glowing review to new releases by the Duchman Family Winery, the Texas Hill Country winery owned by Houston's own celebrity cardiologist Stan Duchman.

"I'll be honest," she writes, "I fell in love with all of these wines, which may just mean that I'm hopelessly fickle. But if someone told me I had to choose one of these as my favorite or it would mean my life, I'd have to request a glass of each for my last meal and die very, very happy."

Waiter! Waiter! We'll have what she's having!

Click here for her notes.

Vintage Texas: And speaking of homegrown wines, top Texas wine authority and Houston-based wine blogger Russ Kane wrastles this week with his new "travel companion," a gal named "Seri" whom Russ met via his new iPhone.

It seems that Seri has some "issues" with Texas-grown Roussanne.

"Russell, I don't understand," she told him when he asked her to look for a "Texas Roussanne" in Lubbock, where he was signing copies of his new narrative guide to the wines of Texas, The Wine Slinger Chronicles (Texas Tech University Press, 2012). "I don't understand [the search] 'I'm looking for a Texas Rue sun.'"

Click here to read the hilarious Abbott-and-Costello routine that ensued...

Wine Roads of Texas: And while we're on the subject of Texas wines, we really enjoyed this post by Austin-based wine blogger Margaret Shugart on the "new" Fredericksburg -- a mecca for wine tourism in the Texas Hill Country.

In a post entitled simply "Fred," she writes:

Driving into town, every single parking spot was occupied with a several car wait at each stoplight. It's Monday. The businesses are becoming more "cutting-edge": a hip fro-yo (frozen yogurt) shop, some modern boutiques selling higher fashion, a rather large selection of white tablecloth restaurants. There is no doubt great tax generation potential going on here. Many shops advertise either local wine bottles, wine tasting or wine related merchandise. The town is attractive in and of itself, but I truly believe it owes this gradual change and increasing popularity to the surrounding wineries, their numbers now growing at the 2nd fastest pace in the nation behind Napa Valley.

And she concludes that "Even with this tenuous economy, Magic 8 Ball says, 'Outlook is good.'"

Check out her post here.

Samantha Sans Dosage: And from beyond our borders, we loved this post by one of our favorite (and definitely the sexiest) wine blogger in Southern California, leading wine professional Samantha Dugan.

"I'm Not Any More 'Right' Than You Are, Just Different," writes Samantha in the title of the post and then proceeds to recount the disconnect that often takes place between the folks who sell wine and the folks who buy it.

"'We want to start drinking what you drink,' [says] a very sweet, and really engaging customer named George. I used to think he was a vicious ball breaker, but as it turns out he is just extremely inquisitive and funny as hell. He and his wife are giant fans of big, extracted reds and while they don't seem to drink much white when they do those too need to be plump, oaked, and soft in acidity."

As it turns out, Samantha likes to drink lean, acidity-driven whites unbridled by oak (sound familiar?). Click here to read her nuanced insights and the wonderful analogies that she draws with family life, popular culture, and shifting tastes and stereotypes.

Diner's Journal: And lastly, only because we thoroughly relish being able to say, we told you so, it seems that New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov has finally discovered how well pizza pairs with Champagne by Bollinger.

Hmmmmm... Where have we heard that before? Yup, you read it here first!

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