Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs

​Know a Houston-based blog we should be paying particular attention to? Leave the address in the comments section below.

Vintage Texas: If you've been following along here at Wine Time on the Eating Our Words blog, you know we're never hesitant to lead with Vintage Texas in our weekly wine blogging roundups. Author Russ Kane is by far the top Houston-based wine blogger, and he's our No. 1 resource for information on Texas wines. When he entitled a post "Wild, Crazy and Fast-Paced Time for Texas Wine at The 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference in Virginia," we could not help but be intrigued. Russ served as Texas ambassador at the conference. Here's his account of the "non-stop action." (Photo via EnjoyBordeaux.com.)

VINfluence:However few and far between the posts, we are always thrilled to read about whatever wine piques the curiosity of Houston-based Master Sommelier Drew Hendricks. This week Drew ruminates on the hard-to-find (at least in Texas) Savagnin grape and an even more rare Eiswein (ice wine) made from Savagnin grown in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada by the Château des Charmes. The wine is "full of lemon curd flavors," writes Drew, "and has crisp acidity an almost custard like texture and a beautifully balanced sweetness. This is the only Savagnin made in this style in the world." Now, that's the type of wine blogging that really turns us on. With such a wealth of wine knowledge and wine professionals here in Houston, we can only hope that others will follow Drew's lead here. Blog on, brother!

Houston Wine Tastings: We're not really sure who's behind the blog Houston Wine Tastings. We suspect that it's a Houston-based marketing consulting company who hopes to drive some traffic and some Google Ads profits its way. But what the hey? "Greed is good," as the saying goes, and whoever is updating this blog with weekly info about Houston wine tastings is doing a damn good job. Wine and vinyl to benefit children? This is Kapitalism at its best!

Il Palazzone: And from the wide world of wine blogging, "happy extrapolating," folks! We loved this post by Laura Gray of Il Palazzone in Montalcino, Tuscany, home to the famous and highly coveted Brunello di Montalcino appellation. Need to know your Brunello's vital signs? Laura explains how to send a text (international texting fees apply) that will elicit a response with the information on the wine. She also addresses some of the technical terms used in Italian to describe and quantify wine.

Montalcino Report: Also from Montalcino, Alessandro Bindocci of Tenuta Il Poggione has been posting weekly updates on the progression of the 2011 harvest. It's been fascinating -- however geeky -- to follow along, and who can resist "bat boxes [an] ecologically friendly way to combat mosquitoes"?

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