Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs

​Know a Houston-based blog we should be paying particular attention to? Leave the address in the comments section below.

Vintage Texas: "Come One, Come Y'all for Texas Wine," writes top Texas wine blogger Russ Kane. He's referring to a session called "The Other 46" to be held at the 11th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference, hosted this year in Charlottesville, Virginia, beginning on Friday. By "the other 46," the organizers mean "the other 46 states, besides California, Oregon, Washington, and New York, where wine is produced. Russ will be there on Friday morning pouring 4 Texas wines that he's selected for the event. Click here for more details and his selections. We'll be looking forward to his coverage throughout the conference. (Russ is also an avid Tweeter and you can follow his adventures in realtime here.)

Wine Thoughts: Holy plum and barnyard, Batman! Certified French Wine Scholar, wine educator, and devoted mom Sandra Crittenden writes this week about the Rhône wine flight over at Cova on Kirby. "The 2009 Seigneur De Fontimple Vacqueyras," she reports, "had aromas of strawberry, plum and barnyard. Medium body, tannin and acidity with flavors of licorice and red fruit and a slight gaminess." It wasn't her favorite but gauging from her wine descriptors, it sounds delicious to us! Click here to read her review, including her positive impressions of the good however flawed service.

Blue State Carpetbagger's Red State Wine Blog: "Finally! A Lodi Zin I can really get behind!" exclaimed Tom Casagrande on his blog recently. Tom's blog is wine blogging in its truest form: This man looks for value, buys a boat load of different wines, and seems to review nearly every single one. "Good acidity for a wine this ripe," he notes on the 2009 Laurel Glen !ZA ZIN (Zinfandel) Old Vines, "and a long, pure finish with copious but soft tannin. Not as elegant and seamless as Dry Creek, or as pure and razor-sharp as the best Paso Robles Zins, but very good in a unique style." He gives it a "B+" and we give him an "A" for effort. His blog is always a great resource for retail value and solid tasting notes. (Just don't tell the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission that he's having wines shipped to him from out of state! The fat cat pols up in Austin have outlawed that practice. Don't ask, don't tell.)

Brooklynguy's Wine and Food Blog: Wine professionals take note! Anyone who's studying for their Master Sommelier exam will not want to miss Brooklynguy's recent series of posts on Sherry. Brooklynguy -- who writes about food and wine with a purity of voice rare in the world of wine blogging -- has gone Sherry-crazy, spurred in part by his good friend Peter Liem, one of the great English-language wine writers in the world today. Call us wine geeks! We don't care. We've been glued to our computer screens savoring every word.

Benito's Wine Reviews: It's probably not quite as hot in Memphis as it is in Houston these days, but we loved Memphis-based wine blogger Ben Carter's recipe for what to do "with a half drunk bottle that wasn't great at first." The answer? Make Sangria, of course! Click here to read his recipe and you will also find out "what to do with a drunken sailor" (don't ask, don't tell).

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