Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs

Bear on Wine: It just goes to show that you can teach an old horse new tricks: Texas wine industry legend and fine wine buyer for Spec's since 1996, Charles "Bear" Dalton, has launched a new wine blog.

Houston has enjoyed a vibrant food blogging scene for some time now while enoblogging has lagged behind. We're thrilled to see a Houstonian like Bear -- a veteran wine educator and one of the state's leading authorities on Burgundy and Bordeaux -- throw his hat into the ring.

#TXWine: Yesterday was #TXWine Tuesday on the Twitter. Austin-based Texas Monthly wine writer Jessica Dupuy and top Texas wine blogger and writer Russ Kane from Houston led a lively discussion on pairing Texas wines with Texas BBQ.

The Twitter is such a great way to connect directly with Texas winemakers, and there were appearances yesterday from McPherson Cellars, Llano Estacado, and Duchman Winery, as well as some of our state's top wine bloggers and wine professionals.

Click here for the thread.

Wine Skinny: We try not to include the same wine blog two weeks in a row in order to give space to myriad voices and palates here at Wine Time.

But Houston publicist Robyn Tinsley keeps knocking them out of the park.

This week she weighs in with a fantastic post on oyster wines.

From Muscadet to Champagne to Chablis, Robyn delivers some great pairings in a range of price points.

Bravo, Robyn! Keep it coming, lady!

Uncorked Daily: We applaud Max's wine buyer Greg Steiner for not making his blog into an infomercial for his operation. And we loved his post on the legendary California AVA (American Viticultural Area) Stag's Leap.

"The name Stags Leap," reports Greg, "comes from the native Wappo Indian legend of either a stag leaping to its death to escape hunters, or, a stag that continually eluded all the valley's hunters. The legend states the stag was always leaping and disappearing as soon as anyone had a shot at it."

Nice work, Greg! Click here for the rest of the post.

Brooklyn Guy: And as thrilled as we are to see the Houston wine blogging scene revving and ramping up (finally!), we'd like to take this opportunity to remind all you enonauts out there to check in with the wine blogging world beyond Texas. This week Brooklyn Guy delivers a truly superb post on How to Open and Enjoy an Old Bottle of Wine. And he reports advice from one of our country's top sommeliers, Levi Dalton, and one of our country's top wine writers, Champagne ex-pat Peter Liem.

If this post doesn't inspire some mimetic desire, you might want to get your plumbing checked.

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