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Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs

Know a Houston-based blog we should be paying particular attention to? Leave the address in the comments section below.

The Blend: We're not sure how we missed the photo (above) of Houston's top Italian wine specialist Joseph "Grappa Joe" Kemble, statewide wine buyer at the flagship Spec's. We loved Alfonso Cevola's coverage of last month's Italian Wine Expo here in Houston.

Cheap Eats In Houston: We still can't figure out who's behind the blog Cheap Eats in Houston. But it's always a great resource for info on the many wine tastings and wine events going on around town every week -- many of them free.

Devour Houston: The identity of the author of Devour Houston also remains a mystery (although we suspect she is a Houston-based lobbyist). Culinary gerrymandering aside, we loved her review of the Dallas import Cru wine bar on Kirby. "Being the Bubbles Girl that I am," she writes, "I ordered the Bubble Bath - their sparkling wine flight..." With a dearth of wine bloggers in Houston, we love how Devour Houston isn't afraid to take the plunge! Read the rest of the review here.

Samantha Sans Dosage: Casting our gaze west beyond the Texas border to Southern California, we were saddened to read about Samantha Dugan's disappointment that one of her favorite TV shows -- Law and Order: Criminal Intent -- portrayed wine connoisseurs in a less than favorable light. "Imagine my elation," she writes, "when finding a whole show with my beloved wine as a backdrop for an episode, with Vincent 'Smoking Hot' D'Onofrio to boot. Watching the tall bunch of smart and inquisitive picking up glasses of wine, burying his nose in it.... spinning my business all around all while all the while getting into the head of the suspects he is after." Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. Read her NC-17 review of the episode here.

Vinography: Upon his return from the Greek island of Santorini, top U.S. wine blogger Alder Yarrow boasts that he has "never been in a position to so authoritatively offer my impressions of a wine region. In a matter of about 4 days, I visited all 10 wineries on the island, and tasted nearly all the wines they produce." That's a big statement coming from Alder and we're thrilled to see that he's branching out from his comfort zone -- Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon -- and that he's mastered a new wine region. Click here to read his authoritative reviews and impressions.

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Jeremy Parzen writes about wine and modern civilization for the Houston Press. A wine trade marketing consultant by day, he is also an adjunct professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piedmont, Italy. He spends his free time writing and recording music with his daughters and wife in Houston.
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