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Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs

VintageTexas: While we were celebrating the Texas repatriation of Houston native son and U.S. wine celebrity Ray Isle, it seems that top Texas wine blogger Russ Kane was not pleased by the fact that Ray didn't include any Texan wines in his recommendations is his post "Pairings for Tex-Mex: Wine not?"

Unamused by the omission of Texas, Russ responded with a post entitled "Pairings for Tex-Mex: Texas Wine...Why? Cause Locavore Meets Locapour."

Click here for his recommendations and his handicap of Ray's suggestions.

29-95: Top Houston wine (and sports) writer Dale Robertson delivered this fantastic profile of another Texan wine celebrity, Vanessa Treviño Boyd, wine director at Philippe on Post Oak.

Vanessa was just named one of the top sommeliers in 2012 by Food and Wine.

From Mission, Texas to Adour Alain Ducasse in the St. Regis Hotel in New York City and back to Houston... Now, THAT's a story we want to read.

New York Times: But the biggest story in the enoblogosphere this week (this month? this year?) was the news, reported last night by The New York Times, that top U.S. wine collector and billionaire "Rudy Kurniawan was arrested in Los Angeles by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges that he had tried to sell counterfeit wine that, if genuine, would have been worth $1.3 million."

If you've never heard of Rudy, he was featured in a 2008 Men's Vogue profile of "Billionaire Winos" by Jay McInerney. And if you have heard of Rudy (above, right), you're probably looking in your cellar right now and wondering if those magnums of 1961 Petrus are real or not.

Considering the number of billionaire wine collectors who live in Houston, we reckon there's more than one who's shaking in her/his boots.

Click here for the chatter.

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