Tasting Notes: This Week in Wine Blogs (Thanksgiving Edition)

Wine Skinny: We're sorry to report that the Houston wine blogging scene has entirely ignored Thanksgiving (except for us). But Robyn Tinsley, author of Wine Skinny, did weigh in with a Thanksgiving recipe for Robyn's Potatoes (sadly, no wine recommendations or notes).

We're looking forward to more wine blogging from Robyn, who just launched a sleek new redesign of her blog. And gauging from the recipe, we can see why her potatoes are so popular.

On the Wine Trail in Italy: Top Texas wine blogger Alfonso Cevola, author of On the Wine Trail in Italy, reminds us that the holiday is also a time for families to reconnect, whether over a shared feast or through recollections, anecdotes, and memories. But Thanksgiving, writes Alfonso in a poignant post, can also be a source of disappointment and longing. Alfonso makes an important point: We're not just here to write about wine. Our subject matter is wine but we mustn't forget that wine is the product of humankind and we are, after all, all too human....

Vinography (via Jancis Robinson): "The son of a single hippie mother," Alder Yarrow of Vinography, doesn't shy away from talking about family in this installment of his column, Alder on America, which appears once a month on what many consider to be the number-one wine blog in the world, Jancis Robinson, edited by the inimitable Jancis, the world's first woman to become a Master of Wine and one of the most respected persons (and one of the nicest ladies) in the world of wine today.

"It's worth remembering," writes Alder, "that this holiday is about bringing people together to give thanks for the many blessings of our lives. There's room for everyone at the Thanksgiving table, as anyone who has been taken in by friends on this day knows. A good meal should be more about the company than the wine, after all, and Thanksgiving provides the ultimate opportunity to prove this to be so."

Eater: Talia Baiocchi likes unicorns. And she is also one of the super coolest wine bloggers in New York these days. We loved her post on all-American wines for Thanksgiving or Eater.

"Almost 400 years after the first Thanksgiving," writes Talia, offering some wise words of advice, "we're still fumbling to pinpoint the perfect wines to serve with this bonafide shitshow of a meal. My advice: pick interesting, affordable wines that are balanced (i.e. not too high in anything). With a meal this varied, and a crew as motley as this holiday is capable of assembling, it's best to keep things simple. So, in the spirit of this column, let's do it American style and let's make it fun."

We love the sparkling rosé by Soter that she recommends, by the way. Excellent choice for the holiday.

Omavore: Nebraska isn't exactly the first state that pops to mind when it comes to hipster wine blogging. But when she's not writing guide books devoted to the Cornhusker state, Sarah Baker Hansen writes a wonderful food and wine blog called Omavore.

This week she talks to Master Sommelier Jesse Becker who offers this advice: "Keep it fresh, keep it light and not too boozy."

Check out Jesse's picks here.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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