Ten Best Alternatives to Beer (For Those Non-Hop Heads Among Us)

With the summer and Memorial Day approaching it's time to gather 'round the grill with friends and family and a nice cold brewski. Unless, of course, you're one of those crazy many people who just don't really dig beer.

For folks like you, there's always wine, of course, and cocktails, but those just don't have the same summery connotations as an icy can of Lone Star or a bottle of Saint Arnold Summer Pils.

Fret not, though, dear beer-despiser! There are a number of alternatives (not all of them tasty, mind you) to the traditional brew. From ciders to malt liquor, there's a refreshing brew out there to satisfy any taste. Unfortunately, the alternatives tend to have low ABVs, but that just means you get to drink more delicious Smirnoff Ices!

Here are the ten best alternatives to beer. And by best, we mean only.

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Kaitlin Steinberg