Tex-Pole Kielbasa on a Sizzling Comal

I was singing "Kielbasa" by Tenacious D when the gorgeous blond waitresses delivered my hot sausage on a sizzling comal at Polonia restaurant on Blalock the other day. "I love ya baby, but all I can think about is Kielbasa sausage."

Next time I go to a flea market and see some those flat, oval-shaped Mexican comals set in a wooden frame, I am going to buy a couple. They became famous when sizzling fajitas were first served on them in the 1990s, but I have seen the little frying pans adapted to a lot of culinary presentations. Polonia's kielbasa and sauerkraut on a sizzling comal, for instance. Is this the ultimate in Tex-Pole cuisine, or what?

Beyond the excellent homemade-tasting sauerkraut and the only-in-Texas presentation, the flavor of the firm, meaty, sausage itself is exceptional -- it's nothing like the crap that commercial sausage-makers in America call kielbasa. Kielbasa (pronounced "Ke-bah-see" or "Keu-bah-sah") is the generic word for sausage in Polish. But sausage is a mainstay of Polish cuisine, and they have dozens of varieties. The kielbasa served on the comal at Polonia is a smoked pork variety called podwaleska. You can buy it at the Polish food store next door to Polonia. Better get some sauerkraut and Polish mustard too.

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