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Texans Tailgate Thursdays: The Raging Bulls and Battle Red Kool-Aid

In addition to 2012 being proclaimed "The Year of the Texans" by our own Sean Pendergast, it's well known that the Houston Texans have one of the greatest tailgating traditions in the country -- a fact made more impressive by the team's relative youth. On Thursdays during football season, we're spotlighting groups that make Texans tailgating the pride of Houston.

The Raging Bulls crew was born out of friendships forged years ago at Jersey Village High School. After 11 years of tailgating together, the nine-person crew is still going strong -- and it's picked up plenty of honorary members along the way. It's no coincidence that the Raging Bulls are as old as the Texans franchise itself, either.

"The day that Bob McNair won the right to bring the Texans to Houston and announced that there would be tailgating," says member Glen Miller, "The Raging Bulls tailgaters were born."

Since that time, The Raging Bulls have won countless awards for their Texans pride and game-day spirit and have been called "the thoroughbreds of tailgating" by Tailgater Monthly magazine. Their massive game-day celebrations now cover 30 parking spaces in the Platinum lot at Reliant Stadium, so it makes sense to kick off the weekly series by spotlighting one of the loudest and proudest Texans tailgating crews.


The Raging Bulls on having goals:

[Tailgating is] our way to build a fan base for a team that had no history and to promote what Houston does best, which is give and share. In some small way, to try and repay Mr. McNair for the commitment he made to the football fans of Houston, with a goal of making Houston the best tailgate city in America.

The Raging Bulls on extra Christmases:

Game day is like Christmas morning, so to have ten Christmases a season -- and now potentially more because our team is awesome and gives us hope for playoff games.

The Raging Bulls on their biggest challenges and maintaining enthusiasm:

Trying to keep improving, making each tailgate better than the last, working hard to be the best, and keeping the home crowd enthusiastic -- even in the years when the team is maybe not the best. Football is a privilege and I want everyone to realize that. Be as enthusiastic as we are.

The Raging Bulls on the best part of game days:

The tons of people who give us praise for what we do. We have hosted people from all around the league -- all around the world, for that matter -- and hearing them say what they do about our group being the best and so giving is very humbling. Seeing fans, young and old, bonding over a piece of sausage and a cold beverage or six makes it all worthwhile.

The Raging Bulls on prepping for tailgate days:

It is really a week-long endeavor for some of us, just gathering stuff, getting stuff prepared, etc. Game day starts early, around 4:30 or 5 a.m., getting prepped and ready to go. Once they let us in at 7 a.m., we hit the ground running. Everyone has a job -- setting up tents, prepping food, firing up the grill -- and then we party, doing our best to get people pumped about the Texans.

The Raging Bulls on their signature items, including their "world famous" Battle Red Kool-Aid:

Since day one, one of our signature items is our Cajun-smoked boudin. But people love it all: brisket, ribs, pork tenderloins, sausage, rib-eye steaks, shrimp done every way you can imagine, fried wings, fish, Cajun fries, bacon-wrapped scallops and anything else you can wrap in bacon.

Our most popular item has to be the Battle Red Kool-Aid. Drink it and you will believe:

  • 1 part cherry vodka
  • 1 part regular vodka
  • 1 part cranberry, pomegranate and lime juice

The Raging Bulls on importance of the five F's:

The Raging Bulls are all about the 5 F's: family, friends, football, food and fun.

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