Texas Folklife Seeks Texas Stories

When I was little I ate tomatoes off the vine in my grandparents' garden, Jell-O from the box at swim meets, and coffee-rubbed ribs straight from the smoker. Today I eat duck gumbo with the fruits of the hunt, Texas roadside dewberry pie, and Cookies 'n Cream ice cream from Blue Bell. But that's just me.

What about you? What fills your family's plate at mealtime? Do you cook? Do you eat out? What's served at your family gatherings and holidays? What special foods do you have at church and community festivals? Do you have a vegetable garden? Do you can and preserve? Do you hunt and fish? Do you or your family work on a farm, ranch, or restaurant? Texas Folklife wants to hear from you.

Texas Folklife has just launched the A Place at the Table survey in hopes of compiling a thorough list of the diverse food traditions of the Lone Star State. The team wants everyone to have a voice, regardless of heritage -- Native Texans, Texas transplants, and those who miss Texas from afar. So barbecue lovers, kolache bakers, hunters, gatherers, and curriers unite! Visit the survey now to add your traditions to the mix.

The staff at Texas Folklife is also traveling the state visiting cooks, gardeners, festivals, celebrations, ranches, and homes to learn what's cooking. They want to hear about your parents' recipes and your grandparents' recipes and how Texans new and old fill their tummies. Got a few great pictures? They'd love to see those, too. Your story could become part of the exhibits and documentaries that will wind up in libraries all over Texas.

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