Texas Salutes You, Mr. (or Ms.) Beer Drinker!

Why do we salute you?  Because your enjoyment of a cold mug of suds has contributed $16 billion to the Texas economy in the last year, far more than our budding entertainment industry (only $409 million), and provided over 78,000 jobs at breweries and distributors across the state.

For every $15 that you spend on a pitcher of Shiner or $6 on every six pack of Real Ale, distributors are paying you back by paying billions in state and local taxes alone (a bit more than your property tax bill, I hope) and just as much paying for wages and benefits for their many employees.

So the next time your wife or girlfriend chides you about blowing $20 at the bar with your friends, remind her that you're just doing your part for the Texas economy.  (Also, maybe think about getting a new wife or girlfriend.  Just saying.)

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