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Texas Traveler: Food in Fredericksburg

The Hill Country town of Fredericksburg is the capital of the Texas German Belt. You can pretty much tour the whole town by driving up and down Main Street. The coolest restaurant in town is Rebecca's Table next door to the Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe. Both businesses are owned by the famous baker and chef Rebecca Rather.

The last time I stopped by her assistant chef, James DeWolf, was making rabbit sausage. The creamy meat filling made the fat links look like bratwurst. The sausage was served on a bed of Napa cabbage with apples, onions and bacon braised with vinegar and chicken stock.

German food in Fredericksburg ranges from sauerbraten and dark beer at the enormous Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn to agurksalat and Riesling at the charming little Der Lindenbaum, an old house with wooden floors and lace curtains. For breakfast, don't miss the cinnamon rolls at Dietz Bakery, but be forewarned -- it's only open for a few hours in the morning, then they hang a "Sold Out" sign on the front door and lock up. The best beer in town can be found at Fredericksburg Brewing Company, the oldest brewpub in Texas. Like every other business mentioned, its located on Main Street.

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