Texas Traveler: Tex-Mex in San Antone

My old friend Bud Kennedy from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram e-mailed me this morning. Since his favorite Tex-Mex joint in San Antonio, Karam's, is out of business, he wanted some suggestions on where to go in San Antonio for old-fashioned enchiladas. I told him that Blanco Cafe was my favorite, and I recommended the lunch special with fajitas and cheese enchiladas on the same plate.

Blanco Cafe still uses the old red tortillas for their enchiladas, and while they aren't served in chili con carne the way Bud likes them, the chili gravy is pretty tasty. The restaurant is small and funky too. I also told him about Jacala, one of the many places that claims to have invented puffy tacos, and Mexican Manhattan downtown, which is another Karam family-owned restaurant. Casa Rio on the Riverwalk may be a tourist trap, but it is very old. And for a really eccentric experience, there's Brown's on Hackberry, a Tex-Mex joint by Anglos for Anglos. Any other suggestions?

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