Texas Traveler: The Electric Tortero

Matamoros, the Mexican wonderland across the bridge from Brownsville, is home to many fabulous eateries, including this very popular torta shop. The Cubana a la Mexicana was the top of the line here. It included milanesa, roasted pork, ham, sausage, fried egg, slices of white and yellow cheese and a topping of crumbled Oaxacan cheese -- all for 38 pesos.

The Hawaiiana sandwich with roasted pork, ham, queso blanco and pineapple was 36 pesos. A simple sausage torta went for 32. (The peso is currently worth around seven-and-a-half cents.)

I was a little shocked at the way the tortero was cutting up the sandwiches though. Would somebody please tell this guy that electric knives are on Katharine Shilcutt's list of useless kitchen gadgets?

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