Texas Vodka Throwdown Crowns Tito's As Its King

Longtime Texas favorite Tito's Handmade Vodka won the Texas Vodka Throwdown by a wide margin on Saturday evening after a blind tasting by 15 judges from the food and media communities. The distillery, based in Austin, is the first and oldest vodka distillery in Texas, and the smooth, sextuple-distilled (that's fancy talk for "distilled six times") vodka was a hit with the judges.

Coming in second place was DeLos Vodka, hailing from Dallas, with Austin's Savvy Vodka coming in third place. The sweet tea vodka competition had only two entrants -- only two Texas-based distilleries currently create sweet tea vodka -- but the Savvy-based sweet tea vodka Deep Eddy won the competition handily, with Graham's Texas Tea coming a distant second.

The seven distilleries who participated are all based in the Lone Star State, and all had plenty of vodka on had for the hundreds of people who flocked to Caroline Collective on Saturday night to sample their wares as well as the edible offerings from Oh My Pocket Pies and Fusion Tacos, whose popular trucks took up much of the shaded outdoor area.

Inside, people crammed into the space to grab samples from all of the competitors' tables. Dripping Springs, Hudson Ferus, Zodiac and Famous Vodka were all on hand in addition to the winners, and although none of the four went home with a prize for the night, the crowd obviously enjoyed the samples nevertheless. You can see for yourself in our slideshow.

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