Thanksgiving Deals: Turkeys and More

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Local groceries want your business this year, and they know you want their turkeys. Having just moved to Houston from the country's 10th-most populous county for turkeys (Dubois, in southern Indiana), I should point out that most of these are the same birds stuffed into different-colored wrappers. But these numbers are worth crunching -- there are some deals out there for the savvy. The main markets and their offerings, in alphabetical order (all prices are per pound unless otherwise noted):

Central Market (all fresh)

  • Mary's free range, $1.99
  • H-E-B standard, $2.99
  • Mary's free range organic, $3.29
  • Mary's free range organic heritage, $4.99 ("heritage" turkeys have more dark meat)
  • H-E-B Greenberg Smoked, $49.99 total, average weight about 10 pounds
  • Fiesta

  • Jennie-O 84 cents fresh; 25 cents frozen with $15 purchase
  • Butterball 99 cents
  • Jennie-O "Classic" $1.09
  • Honeysuckle $1.29
  • Eddy's Smoked $1.69 fresh
  • DEALS/PROMOTIONS: A smoked or baked turkey or a spiral ham, cornbread dressing, green beans, sweet potato casserole, giblet gravy and cranberry relish runs $39.99. Not available at all stores.


  • RiverSide, 25 cents (with $20 purchase); 84 cents otherwise.
  • H-E-B, 97 cents (if over 16 pounds)
  • H-E-B, $1.19 (if lighter than 16 pounds)
  • Butterball $1.19 frozen, $1.99 fresh
  • Jennie-O "freezer to oven," $1.99
  • H-E-B natural, $1.99 fresh
  • H-E-B smoked, oven roasted or Cajun, $2.29
  • Mary's Free Range, $2.99
  • DEALS/PROMOTIONS: Buy a spiral-sliced, bone-in half or whole ham or a natural spiral-cut bone-in half ham, and get an up to 12-pound RiverSide turkey free (or $4.80 off a larger turkey).

    Also, buy a fully cooked turkey or beef brisket and get ice cream, chopped spinach, charro beans, bacon, broth, tea, macaroni and cheese and a turkey rack free.


  • Jennie-O 27 cents (with $20 purchase); 97 cents otherwise
  • Butterball $1.49 frozen; $1.59 fresh
  • Private Selection 67 cents (with $20 purchase), $1.99 frozen
  • Private Selection Organic, $2.99 frozen
  • Eddy Smoked Turkey, $2.99
  • Randall's

  • Honeysuckle, 69 cents (if more than 16 pounds)
  • Honeysuckle, 79 cents (if lighter than 16 pounds)
  • Safeway, 27 cents (with $25 purchase); 99 cents otherwise
  • Butterball, $1.29 frozen, $1.69 fresh
  • Safeway organic, $2.79
  • Rice Epicurean Market

  • Butterball 89 cents frozen, (with additional $35 purchase); $1.19 otherwise
  • Butterball $1.99 fresh
  • Eddy's Smoked, $1.99
  • Whole Foods Market

  • Nature's Rancher, $1.99
  • Diestel (three types): $1.99, $2.29, $2.99
  • Heidi's Hens $2.99 organic
  • Kosher Valley $3.99 fresh
  • DEALS/PROMOTIONS: Buy any turkey and get bacon, eggs, English muffins and orange juice free.

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    Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.