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The 10 Best Crawfish Dishes in Houston

Crawfish season is back! And while, yes, we love the regular ol' Cajun crawfish boil, we ALSO love these spectacular crawfish loaded dishes. From a seriously creamy crawfish bisque to deep-fried crawfish mac and cheese (yes, your heard that right), check out our top picks for mudbugs this season:

Crawfish Pho Where to get it: at LA Crawfish, multiple locations

Not only can you get an awesome bowl of pho the size of a kitchen sink, you can get an awesome bowl of pho the size of a kitchen sink loaded with crawfish and andouille sausage at this Asian-style mudbug joint. The lightly spiced blonde roux is just as refreshing and delicate as the crawfish tails laced throughout.

Fried Crawfish Mac and Cheese Balls Where to get it: St. John's Fire

This food truck certainly has no shortage of funky Cajun fare, but it's the crawdad-studded, creamy and gooey, golden brown mac and cheese balls -- crisp as all hell and served with a side of jalapeño remoulade for good measure -- that really have our hearts.

Crawfish Gumbo Where to get it: Tony Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen, 1212 Waugh Dr. Houston

Mama Mandola's Creole-style, dark brown and deeply decadent seafood stew is topped with crispy fried crawfish tails AND crispy fried okra for that extra wow factor. Get it for $7 a cup or $10 a bowl.

The Fatass Crawfish Where to get it: Cajun Kitchen, 6938 Wilcrest

With 3 lbs of spiced, garlic-onion-and-citrus-studded crawfish, 1 cluster of snowcrab legs, 1/2 lb of prawns, and nibs of corn and potato, the Fatass platter at this Viet-Cajun Kitchen is the way to go. Pro tip: go full fatty and add a side of sausage.

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