The 10 Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you're stocking a kitchen for the first time (finally kicking your grown kid out of the house? good for you!) or simply taking stock of what you already have, we've put together a list of the 10 essential gadgets that no kitchen should lack.

While most of the 100 commenters disagreed with us on our list of 10 useless kitchen gadgets, the common thread between all of those gadgets was that they served only one purpose and were primarily of use to only a niche group. But the essentials in any kitchen should be multi-purpose and should -- depending on how often you cook -- get almost daily use.

We aren't saying that these are the only utensils you'll ever need in a kitchen, but they're your core group. No kitchen should be without them, and you can build your army of gadgets from this foundation. Below are our essential items that we can't live without. What are yours?

10. Cutting Boards

Well, you can't exactly cut things without one, unless you go the college route and use a paper towel on top of your counter. And we really don't recommend that -- it's both unsanitary and slightly dangerous. Invest in a nice cutting board and you can not only use it for its intended purpose, you can also use it as a nice serving piece at parties, at the dinner table or when you're serving an indoor picnic of cheese and fruit to your honey.

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Katharine Shilcutt