The 10 Most Disturbing Food-Related Scenes in Horror Movies: Happy Halloween!

There are a lot of taboos around what we eat as human beings, and even taboos around how we eat what we do. Eating human flesh to survive because you're trapped in the Andes? Here's a book and movie deal. Eating human flesh because you've simply developed a taste for the stuff? Nightmare.

Becoming overweight on your own? Not taboo (although you certainly may be judged for it in other ways). Becoming overweight through having a completely creepy feeder-gainer relationship with someone who gets their rocks off by more or less forcing you to become morbidly obese? Yeah.

As a result of these food-related taboos and more, the horror movie genre has always found new and exciting ways to make our skin crawl by exploiting commonly held taboos like cannibalism. Below are ten of the most horrifying scenes from horror movies that will ruin your appetite for days. Trick or treat!

10. Linda Blair spews pea soup in The Exorcist.

Warning: The rest of these video clips range from seriously disturbing to outright NSFW. Proceed with caution.

9. The consumption of a live octopus in Korean classic Oldboy is actually the least disturbing thing about this entire film.

8. Hung from a meat hook in the middle of nowhere and left to bleed out like a slaughtered cow: that's how Tobe Hooper does it in the original and still scary Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

7. The movie is called Cannibal Holocaust and was banned in the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia. What do you think happens here?

6.Even Dan Savage doesn't condone poo-eating. Neither do we here at EOW, which is why the clip above from the "classic" 120 Days of Sodom does not show any of the movie's poo-eating scenes. That doesn't make it any less disgusting, however.

5. Who else but Troma would bring you a movie called Redneck Zombies that finds mutant hicks cutting out a pregnant woman's fetus and devouring it while blithely discussing its gender?

4. All of Cabin Fever is creepy as shit. But it's the lemonade scene at the end that makes the entire trip worthwhile.

3. Pretty much every scene in Feed is enough to make you want to shower with bleach. So here's a compilation of the grossest parts of the movie. Grab your popcorn, if you're able to.

2. Among all the highly disturbing scenes in Hannibal, this is the one that turned my stomach the most: Dr. Lecter feeding a lobotomized and sedated Paul Krendler pieces of his own brain. Buen provecho.

1. Despite the outdated special effects, '80s horror movies will always be my favorites. Enjoy this scene from the original Poltergeist, where a scientist hallucinates that he's eating a maggot-ridden piece of steak and then tears his own face off in front of a bathroom mirror. Delicious!

Bonus Grand Prize This scene from Japanese horror gold standard Audition is so disturbing, there aren't any clips of it online. It's probably for the best, as it would probably make its way around YouTube, Ring-style, haunting unwitting viewers for the rest of their lives. Instead, you can listen to Eli Roth describe it above. Wait for the description of what the girl feeds her hostage. Aaaaand...there goes your appetite.

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