The 10 Most Useless Kitchen Appliances

We talk a lot on this blog about eating. We talk a lot about cooking. We also talk a lot about booze, food porn and the "less polite" bodily functions (in case you're wondering, the "more polite" bodily functions include yawning and sneezing, but only if it's a cute sneeze). But what we don't talk about often is the actual mechanics behind cooking, baking and general food-making.

And that's where this series of posts comes in. Over the next few weeks, we'll discuss pivotal issues here such as why you don't need a bread maker, how you burned out the motor on your stand mixer and what the difference is between a Microplane grater and a citrus zester (answer: pretty much zero).

We're starting off gently today by discussing which kitchen appliances you don't need to put on your wedding registry, get suckered into at Sur La Table, or buy from late-night infomercials. Your kitchen -- as long as it has an oven, stove and refrigerator -- can function quite well on its own without the addition of these cumbersome items. That fondue pot you received from a well-meaning aunt ten Christmases ago and has collected dust above your fridge ever since? That's an obvious answer, as are any appliances that are predominately suited to a singular, specialized task. If something is going to take up precious counterspace, it should be a multitasker.

Below are ten other kitchen appliances that you honestly do not need, ever, for pretty much any reason.

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Katharine Shilcutt