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The 5 Best Cinnamon Rolls in Houston

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Ahh. Cinnamon rolls. You can recognize that smell anywhere. Most of us probably have nostalgic memories of the smell of baking cinnamon rolls in the morning. And when the melted cream cheese frosting is poured over the top, it takes every muscle in your body to resist diving in before all of the rolls are completely covered.

Unraveling the dough to discover the hidden cinnamon-sugar gems stuffed between each layer is fun, but without a doubt, the best part is eating the warm, soft, gooey center. And no matter what anyone says, a cinnamon roll is not to be shared, regardless of the size; that center cannot (and should not) be split in half.

To help you satisfy your morning sweet tooth, we have listed five of the best cinnamon rolls in the city. And yes, the centerpiece for each of these is amazing.

5. Cinnabon When talking about cinnamon rolls, how can Cinnabon not come to mind? It's one of the first things you smell when you enter a food court at the mall, and you're instantly drawn to the gooey, iced giant treats at any airport. There's no denying that Cinnabon offers some of the best cinnamon rolls around town, even though it is a chain. While the menu has expanded over the years to offer miniature cinnamon rolls, ones in forms of sticks and even a box of just center pieces (which is absolutely genius), the classic Cinnabon Roll filled with a cinnamon-sugar combo and smothered with melted cream cheese frosting is undeniably delicious.

4. Three Brothers Bakery You have two choices for cinnamon rolls at Three Brothers Bakery: plain and raisin. Both are excellent options, especially when heated in a microwave. The sweet pastry dough has a bread-like quality to it, which easily allows it to soak up all the cinnamon-sugar filling. It's topped with a beautiful drizzle of sugar-icing, which runs off the sides of the roll when heated. Whether it's the plain cinnamon roll or the one studded with raisins, you won't be able to resist diving straight in to the center to pull out the soft, warmed piece of dough with the most amount of cinnamon-sugar.

3. Triniti Triniti's pastry chef Samantha Mendoza has a knack for making splendid pastries, especially cinnamon rolls. You can order one of these large pastries for $4 during brunch at Triniti over the weekend or during the FM 903 bakery pop ups held on Saturdays. The fluffy dough is swirled together with the perfect amount of cinnamon to make each bite pop. Mendoza artistically coats the tops of each roll with a drizzle of thick frosting; it may not cover the entire pastry like a glaze, but trust us, each bite is packed with sweetness. As soon as FM 903, the bakery associated with Triniti, is open, you'll likely be able to grab one of these cinnamon rolls every day.

2. Christy's Donuts When you go to Christy's Donuts, you're usually stopping by for a doughnut (duh) or a kolache, but you should also throw in a cinnamon roll, and make sure to get it warmed in the microwave. These bad boys have a cake-like interior and are completely drenched in a sugar glaze, just like a glazed doughnut. While the cinnamon flavors are present, each bite is a bit overwhelmed by the glossy sugar coating that seeps into the cracks of each layer. It's safe to say you'll meet your daily sugar intake for the day...especially after the two complimentary doughnut holes.

1. Sinfull Bakery Forget anything you've heard about vegan food and just eat the vegan cinnamon roll from Sinfull Bakery. Baker and owner Dylan Carnes creates all of her products with natural ingredients, minus butter, eggs and milk. Out of all of the baked goods sold by Sinfull Bakery, the cinnamon roll is one of the best. And it's a behemoth of a treat. A sticky, thick sugar glaze covers the entire fluffy pastry, seeping in to every nook and cranny. Carnes also spreads a generous helping of cinnamon sugar onto the dough; as you unwrap the cinnamon roll, you will discover a gooey, sweet warm center -- the perfect ending to your morning treat. We recommend pacing yourself, though. Sinfull Bakery's cinnamon rolls may be vegan, but that doesn't mean they aren't packed with sugary goodness. Check out local coffee shops, such as Antidote, Paper Co. Coffee and mobile coffee truck Espresso Rescue for sweet treats, like these cinnamon rolls, from Sinfull Bakery.

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